When to Pick a PICC: Top 5 Signs That Your Patient May Need a PICC


1. The IV site does not last.

If you’ve had a patient on intermittent medications for a few days, and the IV site had to be changed daily or close to it, and you suspect that the patient will need a few more days of IV therapy. Chances are that this patient may be […]

Is an IV Insertion Class or IV Certification a Requirement for RNs?


Proper education in IV catheter insertions as part of becoming credentialed in IV insertion procedures is a standard of practice in infusion nursing. It is recommended by national infusion, vascular access, infectious disease, and regulatory organizations guiding our practice. I got fired up today over a discussion I saw posted on the web. My […]

How to Start IVs: 8 Tips to Improve Your IV Success


Although you may know how to insert a peripheral IV catheter; if you are having trouble starting IVs on patients with “difficult” veins- you are not alone. Getting an IV catheter started with one attempt and without any undo patient anxiety can be difficult to accomplish at all times. Not being able to find […]