Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel Class Overview:

Independent Study Program Offered Online

A thorough, detailed five and a half hour class designed for nursing and other healthcare professionals that need education and to be credentialed to perform phlebotomy, but DO NOT require national certification to perform phlebotomy procedures as part of their job.
Anatomy and Physiology
  • Devices & methods used for venipuncture & capillary sample collections
  • OSHA regulations
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • National standards of the Clinical Laboratory & Standards Institute (CLSI)
  • Preparation of supplies and equipment
  • Site selection and preparation
  • Venipuncture techniques
  • Capillary puncture techniques
  • Tips for success for use with patients with poor veins
  • Common blood tests and Order of Draw
  • Sample handling and prevention of test result errors
  • Patient identification
  • Complications of phlebotomy procedures, prevention and treatment
  • Legal Issues
  • Evaluation, & certificate of completion
Details: The program is instructor-led by instructor Alice Cennamo, RN, MSN, CRNI, CPI, VABC- a certified phlebotomy instructor certified by the National Phlebotomy Association (NPA), infusion/ IV therapy specialist certified by the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation, and vascular access specialist board certified by the Vascular Access Certification Corporation. Our phlebotomy programs are continuing education programs designed for nurses, nursing personnel and other health care professionals that are allowed by state regulations to draw blood samples as part of their work duties and professional practice. Some examples of attendees are: RNs, LPNs, PAs, MAs, MTs, CNAs and other technicians. If you have questions about the course requirements, feel free to contact us.

Target audience:
Nurses, nursing personnel and other health care professionals that are allowed to draw blood samples per state regulations as part of their job.

The learner will increase his/her knowledge of phlebotomy venipuncture, capillary puncture techniques, common blood tests, and sample handling.

Activity Goals and Objectives-
Upon successful completion of this activity the attendee will be able to:
1: Describe the effects of venipuncture on the vein wall.
2: Describe veins appropriate for phlebotomy procedures.
3: List two devices used for collection of blood samples
4: State the rationale for drawing into tubes in the correct order.
5: Describe methods to prevent test result errors.
6: Describe three potential complications of a phlebotomy procedure.
7: Describe how to choose a viable vein for venipuncture.
8: List two steps in obtaining a blood sample utilizing the vacutainer or syringe method
9: List two steps of the Skin Puncture technique for capillary blood sampling
10: Score 75% or better on Phlebotomy test

(Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel 1 online class, webinar, and DVD ROM):

5.5 Contact Hours are earned. PICC Resource is an approved Continuing Education Provider, approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (BRN). Educational Provider number: 50-17422. There is no commercial support or conflict of interest for this activity:
Our online phlebotomy program is given in a 2 session webinar followed by a post test. Fee: $99.00.
Schedule a Group Live Class for Hands On Practice

If you are looking for a class for more than one person, consider adding our In-Person Phlebotomy Workshop Lab Group Class for your group of up to six people per scheduled class. A total of 12 class hours are scheduled divided into 3 separate sessions. This offer is only for group classes held at our office and training center in Shelton, Connecticut. The Fee charged is for the group for the full course (all 3 sessions) regardless of the number of attendees. Fee: $3,000.00. All 3 sessions must be completed. For details and to register online: Click here.


Registration and payment can be completed online: http://cart-catalog.piccresource.com or by calling us at our main number: (888) 459-4913 and follow the prompts to register with our operators. Registration by phone is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel Course:
  1. How does the online class compare to taking an in-person course?
  2. After the class, what is next?
  3. What is clinical precepting/ clinical supervision and how do I arrange this after a class?
  4. How many supervised phlebotomy procedures are required before I can do the procedures on my own?
  5. Is this a phlebotomy certification program, and how do I become phlebotomy certified?
  6. How long is the online class enrollment period?
  7. Click here to access more FAQs and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions Pages

  1. Online Classes: Our online courses contain essentially the same classroom instruction we'd offer if the class was presented by lecture in-person, minus the hands on lab practicum portion of the class. Additionally our online course includes interactive tools such as games and, videos to further enhance the learning experience. The hands on simulation lab component of the in-person class can be performed after an online class by performing simulated procedures with a clinical preceptor chosen by your employer at your employing organization. This is done prior to performing your initial live phlebotomy procedures on patients under the supervision of your clinical preceptor.
    In-person classes: We schedule hands-on phlebotomy programs for groups at our class site in Shelton, Connecticut for groups of up to six people per class. Click here to fill in our consult form to request more information.
  2. After the class, what is next? As soon as possible, arrange to be clinically precepted in phlebotomy while the course information is still fresh in your mind. If you need hands on skills; consider also taking our In-Person Phlebotom Workshop Lab Class.
  3. Clinical precepting/ supervision: Clinical precepting/ or clinical supervision follows classroom didactic training and requires that a clinician act as a clinical preceptor or mentor in the procedure to another clinician. A preceptor should be experienced, independent, and competent in the procedure. Ideally the same preceptor would supervise the novice clinician in the procedure until the novice is deemed competent in performance of the procedure. The preceptor's role is to evaluate the novice's performance in the procedure and intervene if possible with suggestions to improve performance, and to complete a procedure if needed. Precepting is done in-person with the novice during the performance of phlebotomy on live patients. This type of supervision is a requirement for patient safety and to verify clinician competence prior to independently performing phlebotomy procedures.
  4. Number of supervised phlebotomy procedures required: The details of precepting including the number of supervised phlebotomy procedures and other requirements will be dictated by your employing organzation's policies and procedures. In general organizational requirements will include successful completion of an acceptable phlebotomy education program, review of organizational policies and procedures, and a designated number of supervised clinical procedures with a favorable competency evaluation. PICC Resource Associates, LLC provides sample tools that can be used as is or modified by employers for hands on simulation, or live supervised procedures on patients. We also offer an added option to organizations to contract with us for clinical precepting if needed.
  5. Is our Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel program a phlebotomy certification program, and how do I get certified? No the Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel programs can be completed within 5+ hours, or in as little as one day. If you wish to obtain a national phlebotomy certification, apply for our Phlebotomy Certification Class. The Phlebotomy Certification Class is a full phlebotomy program approved by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), and PICC Resource Associates, LLC is approved by the NHA to administer the NHA National Certification Exam for this Phlebotomy Certification Program. Click here for more details on our Phlebotomy Certification Class.
  6. How long is the online class enrollment period? The online class enrollment period is for one year. After one year, if the class has not been completed, a new class registration and $99.00 fee is required to complete the class.

Disclaimer, Notice, Refund, Exchanges, Returns, and Cancellation Policies:

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