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PICC Resource is an approved Continuing Education Provider, approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (BRN). Educational Provider number: 50-17422.

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All Online Programs
Study at your own pace. Packed with interactive learning tools. After the class support available. Short online programs are from $65.00 to $99.00.

Online full phlebotomy certification class program includes textbook, study guide, national exam. Fee: $585.00.

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PICC and Midline Insertion Class - 2 Day Workshop (Basics, Advanced)
Day 1 is "PICC 101", the foundation class that covers the basics of PICC and Midline insertion & care procedures including evidence-based practice standards in insertion, care & maintenance. Day 2 is "PICC 102", which covers advanced PICC insertion techniques using Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) & ultrasound guidance. maintenance. Meets and exceeeds evidence-based national standards and guidelines for PICC and Midline insertion and care education. Next 2018 Dates: April 26th & 27th, May 30th & 31st, June 20th & 21st. Fifteen (15) CE Contact Hours awarded. Fee: $695.00.

online classes

PICC and Midline Insertion Basics to Advanced - (1 Day Workshop combined with Online Classes)
This program offers the same quality training as our popular 2 day PICC and Midline insertion program. Our online PICC & Midline Insertion Basics+ and our PICC & Midline Insertion Ultrasound classes are completed prior to attending the scheduled one day workshop. Our one day workshop is full day hands-on training that incorporates basic and advanced PICC and Midline insertion training required by standards and guidelines into a convenient format. Complete the 2 included online pre-requisite classes (available 24/7) after registration and prior to the workshop date. Meets and exceeeds evidence-based national standards and guidelines for PICC and Midline insertion and care education. Next Date: January 7th, 2018, to be scheduled. Held at our training center in Shelton, Connecticut. Fee: $625.00.

online class

PICC & Midline Insertion Basics+ Online Class
This is the online version of our popular in-person Basic PICC insertion training class. Content includes evidence-based practice standards, insertion basics, use, care & maintenance. 8 hour class available 24/7. Enrollment: one year. 8 CNE Contact Hours. $225.00.

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PICC & Midline Insertion Ultrasound Online Class
This is the online version of our popular in-person advanced PICC insertion training class. Content includes Insertion using ultrasound guidance and MST techniques. 6 hr class available 24/7. Enrollment one year. 6 CNE Contact Hours. $225.00.

online class

Intro to Ultrasound Online Class
Content includes and overview of ultrasound as it relates to use for vascular access. 2 hour class available 24/7. Enrollment one year. $65.00.


Short IV Insertion Class
IV insertion procedures, care, vein and patient assessment. 5.5 hour 1 day class. Class is held at our office and training site in Shelton, Connecticut. Next Date: March, 23rd, 2018. $195.00.


IV Therapy Administration, Care & Maintenance
LPN IV therapy education, RN IV therapy update. Evidence-based education program online combined with one full day session. Full infusion therapy course covers nursing considerations and administration of fluid and electrolytes, common IV medications, gravity vs. electronic device (pump) administration, peripheral IV catheter care and insertion, Midline, PICC and other central line care, and subcutaneous infusions. 20 CNE Contact Hours for Online Course. Enrollment one year. Fee: $225.00 includes presentation, handouts, and manual. Click here to sign up. Nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations may opt to add a full day Lab Practicum offering an additional 7 CNE Contact Hours. Lab Dates/Fee: By contract, contact us for details.


Phlebotomy Certification Class- Online Program
Online accelerated full phlebotomy program covers phlebotomy blood specimen collection from the basics to advanced procedures. The program prepares students that are healthcare professionals to sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Phlebotomy Technician National Certification Exam. The course is 68 hours total online; 68 CE Contacth Hours earned for successful completion. Average completion is 3 to 4 months, attendees have 1 year to completed the program. INCLUDES EXTRAS - one of each of the following: Textbook printed AND e-book, post class online study guide with practice test, & the NHA Phlebotomy Technician National Certification Exam Test. Fee: $585.00.


Phlebotomy Workshop Lab Group Class- In-Person Program
All hands on lab practicum program held in 3 sessions scheduled for groups of two to six trainees. Pre-requisite: trainees are enrolled in/or have completed our online Phlebotomy Certification Class OR our Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel class. Use phlebotomy equipment and perform phlebotomy blood draw procedures under the direct supervision of our National Phlebotomy Association Certified Phlebotomy Instructor. When this skills class is taken in addtition to our Phlebotomy Certification Class, completion of the course adds 12 hours of clinical time/ CE Contact Hours for a total of 80 CE Contact Hours can be earned. This fulfills the NHA clinical requirements to sit for the NHA Phlebotomy National Technician Certification Exam. This course is designed for group sign up. THE FEE CHARGED IS FOR THE FULL COURSE REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES, FEE INCLUDES: ALL 3 SESSIONS HELD AT OUR TRAINING CENTER IN SHELTON, CONNECTICUT, UP TO SIX ATTENDEES MAY BE SCHEDULED. The fee also includes course handouts, phlebotomy supplies, and one instructor. Registration, payment, and scheduling of the 3 session dates is done at one time for the group. All 3 sessions must be completed. Fee: $3,000.00. contact us for details.

NOTE: When this program is combined with our short phlebotomy course- the Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel Class, it does not qualify the participant to sit for the national phlebotomy certification exam. To sit for the exam, our Phlebotomy Certification Class must be completed.


Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel- Online
Principles, techniques, error prevention. Take our online class at your leisure. The program is instructed and designed by our National Phlebotomy Association Certified Phlebotomy Instructor. The program is excellent for nurses and other healthcare professionals that need phlebotomy skills to draw lab samples that do not require a national phlebotomy certification. 5.5 CE Contact Hours earned. Fee: $99.00.


Central Line Care and Maintenance Class- Online
Care and assessment for varied central lines. Online program available 24/7. Four hour class, 4 CE Contact Hours earned. Fee:$99.00. Nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations may opt to add a Lab Practicum offering additional CNE Contact Hours. Lab Dates/Fee: By contract, contact us for details.


PICC/Midline Care and Maintenance Class
Care and assessment of PICCs and Midlines. In-person workshop scheduled by contract with nursing facilities or other healthcare organization groups. Dates/fee: By contract, contact us for details.

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