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PICC Resource Associates, LLC is an IV nursing continuing education company and mobile PICC team service that offers venous access training courses and programs for nurses and other health care professionals. We offer PICC Line and Midline insertion classes, traditional IV insertion classes, Central Line, IV, and PICC Line care classes, and phlebotomy classes. Our high tech nursing PICC team services Connecticut facilities within all practice settings. Services include PICC Line and Midline insertions, Peripheral Short IV catheter insertions, and Vascular Access care and troubleshooting interventions.

We strive to offer no less than excellence in our services. Classes are developed and taught utilizing industry standards and guidelines for IV and phlebotomy procedures set by U.S. and international organizations that ensure quality and safety in venous access. We offer scheduled classes and training programs throughout the state of Connecticut, and onsite programs throughout the United States for groups. We offer a variety of vascular access and care training programs including class workshops offered several times a year within Connecticut in IV catheter insertion, and PICC and Midline insertion. Other in-person training programs such as our Central Line care and maintenance, PICC and Midline care and maintenance, IV Refresher, PICC and Midline updates, and Phlebotomy for nursing courses are scheduled by demand. For convenience, we offer the option to study at your own pace by taking many of our courses online. For courses offered in both in-person and online formats; the course content of the online programs is the same, with a few more high tech options added to enhance the independent learning experience. Click here for our current brochure. OR Read more....

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